Hailing from Riverside, California, Brandon is the kind of artist whose music isn’t meant to listen to once and move on from. Rather, his music acts as an audio companion to life, soundtracking moments of deep emotion and vulnerability in ways that stick with listeners far beyond one listen. Today, this is exemplified with the budding talent’s brand new single, “Makeup.”

Acting as an incredibly genuine tale of love, this offering brings forth a focus on the remarkably vivid songwriting skills of Brandon, as he illustrates an intense yearning for love without losing any of its passion in translation. Supporting this storyline, the instrumental works to the same function, using a cathartic acoustic guitar to bring “Makeup” to the next level.

That said, thanks to such well-executed storytelling, this song could honestly act as the soundtrack to a short film entirely based around the lyrics. Brandon is most certainly a talent to watch, so be sure to show some love and check out his latest single below! It won’t be long until you’re hearing the Riverside native’s name everywhere.