Just yesterday here on Lyrical Lemonade we premiered the new collaborative track between Ed Balloon, Open Mike Eagle, and They Hate Change in support of Ed’s upcoming record The Dubs, and I wanted to highlight another great single from it.

“M’aider (Mayday)” is the closing track to the album, and it’s nice to know that the project will be ending on a high point. The song is a low-key but triumphant closer, featuring impressive progressions, along with some extraordinary vocal melodies. Thematically, the song is an ode to a loyal partner more than anything, and it starts out with some nostalgia-inducing guitar chords. Once the drums kick in, Ed bursts into his infectious hook, and along with this, there are some tasteful vocal effects scattered throughout the track, plus some alluring background vocals.

This is shaping up to be a special project from Ed, get ready for the new record on July 19th by pre-ordering it here and checking out the visuals for “M’aider (Mayday)” below!