Made 4 More – [YSN Fab]

How people find their way into life as a recording artist always interests me. With the rise of the internet, artists have emerged from all walks of life to find major success on a global scale. Today, I’m happy to introduce our audience to YSN Fab an emcee that took up music after a devastating injury derailed his football career. One tragedy leads to newfound talent on the road to greatness, this kind of resilience is what makes artists grind even harder to make it when their original plans were derailed in the blink of an eye.

When it comes to cities in Canada, Winnipeg is probably one of the last places I expected to an album like this. As soon as I hit play I had a feeling this would be a special project from an artist hungry to prove how far he can take his city’s name now that he has a proper stage. From front to back YSN Fab’s debut project Made 4 More has his melodic talents on full display, he effortlessly glides across every beat and carefully constructs street ballads made to resonate with listeners around the world.

Fab first came across my radar earlier this summer with his first song to gain traction “Cash” a song that was a perfect introduction to his vocal talents. Being that it was one of his first songs to drop, the rest of the album simply shows that Fab’s cadence and wordplay have become wildly more intricate. One of the best examples of this is my favorite record on the album “Monopoly” which has Fab going all the way in on a beat in a way that could easily draw comparisons to a Canadian Roddy Ricch.

Throughout this album Fab switches between celebratory and reflective, often within the same song as he is reminded of his past while trying to rise above and see heights never seen by anyone from his city previously. Tracks like “Winter City” touch on his rise out of Winnipeg to making his mark in Canada and beyond. Other highlights from this project for me were “You & Me”, “On The Low”, & “Real In You”. This project definitely blew away my expectations, I would highly recommend a playthrough from front to back on the loudest speakers you can find.

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