Seamus Fay
Seamus Fay
3 Apr 2019

FatKidsBrotha has been a mainstay in the hip-hop world for a number of years now, and for good reason, as their undeniably consistent output always seems to leave listeners impressed without exception. Today, the Atlanta-based duo is back yet again, this time pushing forth their energetic styles with a notably solid new project, Mad at the World.

As noted by the title, one main reason why this project works so well seems to be the chip-on-your-shoulder attitude that acts as a constant throughout. Whether communicated through the hard-nosed, thunderous production or the slew of strikingly vivid lyricism, FatKidsBrotha refuses to let up the pressure, maintaining an addicting sense of seasoned charisma from the first song to the last.

In addition, over a duration of only 7 songs, Mad at the World achieves a solid balance of length and quality, constantly keeping things refreshing without overstaying their welcome. The result is a remarkably dense project, packed full of memorable moments that will certainly lead me to revisit this one again and again in the months to come.

That said, FatKidsBrotha has set the bar high throughout their entire catalog, and Mad at the World not only delivers on this level of quality, but pushes it even higher. Stream the new project below and let us know what your favorite cuts are in the comments! My early favorites are “Pusha, Pt. 2” and “Kill Em All”!