MACK – [fourfive]

Over the past two years NYC born and based artist fourfive has risen to the top of his city’s underground scene while gravitating to his own unique sound and style. Fourfive’s background in fashion, as one of the directors of clothing brand New York City Gun Club which is also taking the underground by storm, makes his music all the more interesting stylistically with sleek, expensive outfits, captivating visuals, and a sharp attention to detail which ensures all of his releases are as striking aesthetically as they are musically. His debut mixtape MACK is the first longform release he has unloaded yet and continues to build upon and grow from the many singles he has dropped thus far which have propelled him to the point he is at now in terms of listenership. At eight tracks we hear quite a bit of flexing and flashiness from fourfive that leave you feeling ambitious and stylish while painting a portrait of success and the fallout that follows. Sham, fourfive’s close friend and main producer, supplied the bulk of the production of this project with help from others and created a cohesive set of beats that suit fourfive perfectly and Sham has been the background of this sonic development. I look forward to seeing the videos that accompany this release and think fourfive has the potential to be a breakout artist from New York in the next year.