m box – [aldn]

At this point in time, hyperpop shouldn’t be a new genre to anyone because it has been going stronger than ever since the beginning of the pandemic, and it only continues to build. One of my favorite parts of this subgenre is the fact that every single artist works their ass off to constantly bring something new to the table, releasing new music on a more regular basis than anyone else making music right now, and it’s always innovative and impressive. I also just love the fact that it seems like all of these artists are friends, and even if they might not know everyone on a personal basis, they’re just so accepting of everyone no matter what their story might be or where they came from.

It should come as no surprise when I say that aldn is one of my favorites considering I write about him every chance I get, and today is no different because he just released his incredible EP predictable, and although I haven’t gotten a chance to listen all the way through yet, believe me when I tell you just how excited I am. With 7 more songs that add up to just over 21 minutes long added to his catalog of music, I can only imagine he is going to continue growing and gaining much more well-deserved recognition as he moves on with his career.

Alongside this EP comes a music video for the second cut off of the project entitled “m box”, and I figured I’d start here before diving into the EP in its entirety. In this Joce Cooper-directed music video, aldn makes his way around a raggedy, run-down compound on his own, clearly going through some mental torment as he lingers in his thoughts, aimlessly wandering around to try and find a solution to some of the things going on in his head.

Although it’s simplistic, it’s a remarkable accompaniment to this lively and out-of-the-box record, so I don’t think it could have turned out any better if he tried. I can’t wait to run through predictable asap, because if it’s anything like his greenhouse EP, I know it’ll be an instant classic. aldn isn’t going anywhere, so make sure you tune into his latest music video “m box” before giving the rest of his brand-new EP a spin as well.