Feeling lost is simply a part of life. We all have our ups and downs, sure, but sometimes even worse are the moments when we’re neither up nor down, but rather, just confused as to which way we need to go. Here to soundtrack this emotive time of confusion is an artist by the name of Saiah with his unbelievable new project, Loverboyraceway Lostboy.

Hence the title, this EP acts as a moment of vivid reflection for a “lostboy” full of love, full of life, and full of emotion, but unclear where his direction lies. Saiah’s candid, diary-esque lyricism and intimate deliveries warm up to the listener right off the bat with the heartfelt intro, “Lostboy,” but as the EP progresses, the rising talent quickly expands to new territory, from the refreshing burst of energy that is “Lost” to the anthemic cut, and probably my personal favorite, “Cold.” Ending the EP, Saiah decides to push this versatility one step further, as he crosses the bounds of genre into an incredible rock cut by the name of “Who Are You.”

Needless to say, Loverboyraceway Lostboy is a creatively ambitious and deeply personal project, but perhaps its greatest strength is that of relatability. From the gratitude for independence in the very opening lines of the project, “I’ve been on my own for a minute, thank God,” to the yearning for growth and change amidst such directionless struggle, Saiah’s ability to paint emotions into his music is a talent that will be sure to resonate with listeners of all kinds. Loverboyraceway Lostboy is a fantastic effort from a profoundly-talented rising artist, so be sure not to sleep on this one.

Stream the latest EP from Saiah at the link provided below and watch the video for “Cold” here!