Lover Boy – [Zonk Rolan]

Popular throughout Latin America and the world, reggaetón is a powerful, growing force in the music industry that is taking over the globe.

A musical genre that made its way over to Puerto Rico in the 1990s, it’s a flavorful mix between reggae, Caribbean, and hip-hop music. Puerto Rican icons like Daddy Yankee ( a.k.a the “King of Reggaeton”), Don Omar, Zion & Lenox, and Ivy Queen had my teenage self throwing it back like nobody’s business. Today, Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, and J Balvin are the top Reggaetón artists, but it might not be long before Zonk Rolan climbs his way to the top.

Born in Humacao, Puerto Rico, and raised in Milwaukee, WI,  Rolan has leaned into his talent for making reggaetón music. After stepping away from making Spanish music for six years, a friend encouraged Rolan to make a reggaetón song again. “At first I was opposed to it. I was like ‘Nah, fuck that.’ I did that before,” says Rolan. Despite not releasing any music during his hiatus, he says something clicked.

“When I made that reggaetón song [Acesina], something in me built my courage up enough to say fuck it. I’m gonna release it and see how people react.” And to no surprise, Rolan gained traction in Milwaukee. “From that moment on, I knew this is my lane. My lane because nobody here in Milwaukee is really doing reggaetón on my scale,” says Rolan.

Influenced by genres of music outside reggaetón, Rolan says R&B, pop, rock, salsa, and reggae are incorporated into his reggaetón. As one of the most listened to genres around the globe, Rolan knows he must make his move, even if people compare his sound to Bad Bunny (Rolan believes this is a blessing and a curse). But why not take that clout and run with it? “That’s what truly kept me going because not only does it touch back to my roots, it also put puts me in a position of I love to do it and I’m having fun.”

But, the fun doesn’t quite describe what “Lover Boy” is all about. It’s sexual, it’s aggressive, and sentimental if you will. “What inspired me was meeting this new individual and understanding that even though life is revolved around sexual tendencies, there’s more to it… we can be a lot more intimate (spiritually, physically, and emotionally),” says Rolan. As for the video, Rolan describes the beginning as like a dream state, which quickly becomes reality. “It’s like I’ve been chasing you the whole time for you to realize that I’m a good guy…I want to do something a little bit more serious with you.” Produced by Visionary Studios, your eyes are in for a sweet treat.

Unlike his other songs, “Lover Boy” is special because Rolan found himself in the music. “Now when I go to the studio, I don’t have to sit there and write music all day and find myself in the lyrics. I don’t have to find the melodies. I don’t have to do any of that because, with Lover Boy, I’ve found myself within the music, confidently.”

The next time you get the urge to shake your hips all the way down and pop that booty out, queue “Lover Boy” to take you on that Rolan wave.

The music video for “Love Boy” is below. Enjoy.