Lover Boy – [Vwillz]

Colorado-native and underground star Vwillz has been keeping his foot on the neck of 2020 since the year has started. This year alone, he had dropped a handful of mixtapes, EP’s, and tons of top-notch quality visuals to accompany the songs on his projects that deserve a visual piece alongside of it. Since discovering him, the amount of work that this artist has been putting into his craft has been mind-blowing to see, and it such an amazing trait to show this early on in his career. to approach each project and treat it better than the last is something that all artists should do, and it certainly shows here. Making his return to the platform, Vwillz is back with yet another offering of his next mixtape titled Lover Boy.

Dir. @Matt_Primising

While it may be no surprise as to what someone may infer this project is about, Vwillz does an amazing job at approaching each song as if it were its own feature film. Even while much of the subject matter remains the same this time around, he does a great job and peeling back another layer and providing a lot more introspection on this offering. Covering topics such as falling in love and the process of losing love, fake friends, and just life overall, this project sounds like Vwillz is becoming more comfortable with letting listeners in on his life on a greater scale than in his previous work.

As far as the lyrical content goes, Vwillz has an amazing pen and tons of punchlines that many people can relate to. On “Top Floor”, he raps about his journey thus far and how he is remaining humble on his path to greatness to the top. “Know the pain it took to get her, now we still just on the way” stick out here, as he remains humble that he is still on his way up and will do all it takes to get there. As we all know, with love must come hate. That being said, another standout track on this project would be “Fake Bodies” as he raps about how people around him change and how he has to be selective with whom he exerts his energy into. “Can’t fuck with nobody, cause everybody opps now/Fake bodies surround me every time I pop out” he raps, speaking more on the concept of just watching how he moves now that he is making a name for himself. Many vibes that align with these are present here on this project, and there definitely is something here for everyone. Vwillz is mastering the art of blending multiple genres of music, and crafting his own signature style–all while writing and making his own beats at the same time.

In a short exchange with Vwillz, he had this to say about the project and it’s creation:

“When people hear the term “Lover Boy”, of course they instantly think of a dating relationship. For me, “Lover Boy” doesn’t fit the mold of the cliche, but instead addresses internal relationships, relationships with friends and family, as well as dating. I’m a ‘heart on my sleeve’ type of guy who can be very emotional;  rom that perspective, loving others, wanting to see the best in others, and overcoming personal demons is what the mixtape is about.  The disappointments and joys from being a ‘Lover Boy’ has been very important to my growth as a person and musician.”


Stream Vwillz’ latest offering Lover Boy below!