love u lately – [Laica]

The euphorically rich style of Laica returns to the digital pages of Lyrical Lemonade today for her new music video, “love u lately.” Capturing a romantic infatuation that leads to love potions, sleep darts, and a kidnapping, the Cooper Leith-directed video paints a humorous narrative that echoes the song’s love-spell story. 

Brought to life by synth layered R&B production, Laica intimately details the difficult world of dating and how sometimes falling for someone and expressing that feeling is the hardest thing to do. Laica describes this grey area with precision, explaining the unrequited back-and-forth felt when trying to feel out a romantic situation. The new single and video come off of the impending release of Laica’s upcoming album, i’m so fine at being alone, set to release in June. Read what Laica had to say about her new song and video below, saying, 

“‘love u lately’ is basically about the dating game and trying to figure out how the other person is feeling/thinking but getting mixed feelings so you do the same cause you reciprocate whatever energy or vibes they give you”

Watch the new video for “love u lately” by Laica below.