Love Music – [Lil Yachty]

Just a couple of months ago, Lil Yachty released his hit song “Love Music” which was a blithe, easygoing, and carefree record that just allowed Yachty to send a little note to the woman he has his eye on to let her know just how much he thinks about her and all of the things that they could potentially be. While it might not be the greatest Lil boat song of all time, it definitely serves a great purpose and it’s not offensive whatsoever, so I can’t hate on it even slightly.

In fact, I was even more excited to find out that late last week, he dropped a music video for the record that made me admire the track so much more than ever before. As things open up, we are introduced to a world full of colors and sweet treats like ice cream Sundays, fruit rollups, cotton candy, and more, with everything coming together for a scene that even Willy Wonka would salivate over. When he begins to sing, he is inside of a very bright, white room that is accented with little cotton candy clouds and life-sized pinwheels before a lovely lady who serves as his love interest throughout the visual joins him so they can laugh and dance the day away with each other.

The next scene takes us to a field full of human-sized flowers as yachty puts on a cow hide-inspired jacket as a bit of a statement piece that stands out as he continues to enjoy his time with his girl, eventually sitting down for a picnic with her. Finally, things culminate in another, pink-filled room as Lil Boat and his girl dress up in wildly vibrant outfits that are right up the alley of certain outfits the Outkast might’ve worn back in the day, as they continue dancing, bringing things to an end on a high note.

Once again, this might not be my personal favorite Yachty song, but I definitely can’t hate on the positive vibes and romantic message, so it’s a song I can vibe with regardless. Considering he has been relatively quiet in the past few months, this music video was not only a nice surprise, but it also gives me hope that he’s going to start picking up the momentum and hopefully dropping more new music in the near future. While this is just speculation on my end, I try and remain hopeful so that way I have something to look forward to from the Atlanta superstar. While we wait and see what else he has up his always colorful sleeves, make sure you check out the brand0new music video for Lil Yachty’s song “Love Music”.