Love Me Now – [Pyrex Pryce]

Watching the rise of Pyrex Pryce in 2020 has been fantastic to witness, to say the least, he has been accumulated hundreds of thousands of streams on all of his songs, and today he is back on our platform with his brand new offering titled “Love Me Now”. Pyrex Pryce has been on a hot streak all year, he has captured the attention of some of the most prominent tastemakers in the hip-hop community, and I feel like it’s only a matter of time before there’s gas poured on his fire + he really blows up. Pyrex Pryce has all of the traits that you look for in potential superstars, everything from the voice to the ‘look’ + the unforgettable melodies, I see a ton of success in his future. Stream this release via Spotify below and if you like Pyrex’s sound, then help spread his music by sharing the link with a friend!