Love Me Back-[Trinidad Cardona]

Trinidad Cardona makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with the Spanish version of his popular song entitled “Love Me Back.” The  Phoenix, Arizona native and Def Jam signee is impressively able to alternate between English and Spanish with ease. Excelling primarily under the genres of pop and R&B, Cardona truthfully is much more experimentally creative than he’s perhaps credited for. For starters, it’s noteworthy alone off the fact that both versions of this track are equally catchy. In fact, despite my non-Spanish fluency, I almost prefer this version because the lyrics are are seemingly expressed with more levels of emotion. The instrumental is quite experimental in and itself as it incorporates a synthetic, borderline Reggaeton groove. Whether intentional or not, the beat has a Nintendo feel to it, which could be nostalgic for those aware of the video game company’s soundtrack. Because the offering isn’t overly fast or slow, its balanced pace makes it suitable for a number of occasions. Trinidad’s ability to effortlessly change pitch makes the vocals equally as intriguing as the multi-layered production, and his  flow smoothly aligns with the tempo all the way through. Needless to say, “Love me Back” is not your average love song; the record is just as stylistically innovative as it is romantic, and for that reason I believe you’ll enjoy this track regardless of preference. Have a listen below!