Love Keyyz Is Bringing R&B Back With Her New Project “I Could Be Dreaming”

In 2022, the ladies are bringing back classic R&B music. Love Keyyz from Cincinnati is no exception to creating heartfelt music. The Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter has been building her career since 2010. She began to create Youtube videos showcasing her authentic persona and raw singing talent. Keyyz also taught herself how to play the piano throughout this process. After her move to L.A. in 2019, Love Keyyz released her most notable project thus far, “Naked.” The EP peaked at #59 on Apple Music’s R&B Top 200. It’s worth pointing out that Keyyz executively produced and wrote this entire project.

This year, Love Keyyz returns with her new album, “I Could Be Dreaming.” All 11-tracks take you through the stages of love and give you a deeper understanding of who Keyyz is. Not only is she revealing the positive side of love but she also allows her fans to hear her pain as she sings about heartbreaks and breakups. She also has a few tracks that talk about the healing process and how to grow from each situation.

“Love comes with a risk. We don’t always get our fairytale, and that’s okay. But, love is so amazing. Love is why life is worth living,” she shares.

This album had a lot to offer to Keyyz fans. “I Could Be Dreaming” is a versatile R&B/Soul album that delivers upbeat 90s nostalgia, Pop vibes, catchy hooks, and so much more. Check out her new project below.