Hailing from Edmonton, Canada, Travis Bretzer is the kind of artist who makes music in a way that feels like a personal conversation. Between the warm personality of his sound to the way his lyrics seemingly put the listener’s thoughts into the words that they couldn’t find, Bretzer is a master of his craft, and today this is shown in his latest demo, “Love Is Of Me.”

Beginning with the heartbreakingly-beautiful line, “Been a while since I felt whole again / Been a while since you filled that hole, my friend,” this offering kicks things off right away with a basis of cathartic honesty. Bretzer illustrates his emotions using universally-relatable statements such as the aforementioned, but by adding the smooth tone of his vocals, he’s able to say these things in a way that truly feels personal to the listener at hand. The gentle strum of the guitar creates a gorgeous atmosphere of sound around this sentiment, and the result is a demo that I could honestly write about all day long.

“Love Is Of Me” is incredible, so be sure to check it out below!

P.S. — There’s also a gong in this song which is cool. I don’t hear gongs a lot, so that’s always nice.