Lee Mcintosh
Lee Mcintosh
13 Jan 2020

Pure artistry when it comes to music creation is something that I will always respect when it comes to those who produce as such. The artists who take lots of pride in every single aspect of their work without diminishing their craft, and sticking to their integrity goes such a long way and is something that I will forever praise. An artist who I can with most certainly say that has maintained true to himself over the last decade has been Wale. Back in October, I wrote my review here on Lyrical Lemonade of his latest project Wow… That’s Crazy which aged tremendously since its release. Of course, it’s only been a few months since it’s release, but we know that a lot of music ages like dog years. This album was one of my favorite picks for Album of the Year in 2019 (not only just my opinion but according to my Spotify Wrapped as well)–and today, he premiered the official visual of my personal favorite track off of the album “Love … (Her Fault)” feat. Bryson Tiller.

I always speak very highly of Wale not only because I have been a fan of his for so long, but I always recognize pure talent and I always shine that light whenever possible. Not only that, but I feel as if Wale is underrated, under-appreciated and slighted in the rap game today. With his poetic roots, it’s hard to not consider him one of the best storytellers in Hip-Hop if not all time, then the 2010’s era of hip hop. In a Twitter post, Wale keeps it plain and simple in regards to the description of the video saying “Here’s a story about a toxic relationship.”–this being something that lots of people can relate to and hits very close to home for many people.

The song speaks about the many reasons and ways in which his relationship with a specific woman will not and has not been working out. The (Her Fault) part comes from the idea that he blames her for her selfish ways and her outlandish attitude she has towards everything in their relationship–at the same time ignoring his flaws he has. Also to note, both of them tend to lash out when there’s some liquor involved. “Yes I know I drink a lot, but just know you drink too much” Wale raps, while later in the album admitting that it’s not only her fault, but his as well.

Check out Wale’s new visuals below and stream his latest album here!