Love Goin’ Crazy – [Bobby Feeno]

Way back in 2018, Bobby Feeno released a project called Flamingo & Koval that was easily one of my favorite albums of that year, it’s a tape that has had plenty of replay value for me over the years. Literally just this morning on my drive to the Lyrical Lemonade office, I was playing the song “Suicide Note” off of that tape, and it reminded me of just how great of a body of work it was. So you can imagine that I was pleasantly surprised earlier today when I saw that Bobby Feeno released a new record called “Love Goin’ Crazy”, his first release in two years if I am not mistaken. The initial thing that caught my attention was the absolutely beautiful instrumental, it’s a soulful + luscious beat that reels you in instantly, and the rhymes that Bobby kicked over it made it that much better. This is easily the best song that I have listened to all day, and I feel like it just might be yours too, stream it via Spotify below!