Love Goes – [Bianca Shaw]

Bianca Shaw has been somewhat of a staple in Chicago over the last few years, and anyone who is familiar with the community will surely agree with that statement. She has been featured on some of the best songs to come from the city, she has performed live on major platforms, she has put out a memorable EP, and not to mention she has been at the forefront of Taylor Bennett’s TBE label. Today, Bianca Shaw is back on our website with her brand new song titled “Love Goes”, which is one of her most versatile tracks to date. She seemed to have the perfect fusion of Alternative rock and hip-hop on this joint, she sung melodically at points and then switched up & rapped with some serious ferociousness, giving us an ode about the struggles that you will deal with in love sometimes. I definitely want to interview Bianca sometime after this quarantine ends, but for the time being, do yourself a favor and check out this new song from Bianca below!