Love For Yah – [Khi Infinite]

“It’s a relatable message of feeling the need to tell the ones you love most that you are there for them and no distance is going to change that. I originally wrote this song during a time of great change and needed a way to express how I was feeling. Even though things were moving in the right direction for me professionally, I felt really disconnected from my family back home and I wanted to find a way to tell them that. Luckily, I am a musician and so I put all of what I was feeling into a song” – Khi Infinite

Virginia Beach artist Khi Infinite returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a heartfelt song titled “Love For Yah.” The track employs a smooth instrumental as Infinite alternates between hip-hop and R&B to showcase his versatility. Visually the accompanying video perfectly captures the song’s message, which is centered around love in spite of distance. “I need to call my mother up let her know I still got love for her” is beautifully sung on the hook, which thematically symbolizes the importance of remaining in touch with family no matter what. Although technology has provided humans more options to communicate, the busyness of life can gradually separate people as time moves on. While friends are a good example, there’s nothing more upsetting than breaking from family, which Khi eventually realizes and corrects by connecting with his mom. The wholesome inclusion of Infinite’s mother in the music video adds an additional layer of emotion and depth to the record’s meaning from an unconditional point of view. Overall, “Love For Yah” is a song that’s sure to put a smile on your loved ones face, and it’s certainly worth keeping in your rotation for personal remembrance. Peep the track below!