Ohio-born Chicago-based artist Louie Kason has popped up on our page a couple times in the past, and today the young rapper is dropping his debut EP. On “louie and the duffle bag”, Kason homes in on his versatility and wield it to his advantage. Influences like Smino resonate in the more bouncy, melodic side of Kason’s catalog while others like Anderson .Paak come through in his willingness to experiment.

The tape starts off on a particularly high note with the track “Pleased to meet.” Kason floats over the bubbly production and holds onto a listener’s attention, whether he’s rattling off fast-paced rhymes or flipping the hook from T Pain’s “Buy You A Drank”. Another one of my favorite tracks on the project, “Storytelling 333”, emphasizes his knack for slick flows and crafting hooks that make you want to play the song back again. With skills like these in his pocket, Louie Kason holds his own on this EP and hopefully has more to offer following this strong debut: