Lost Ones – [Daniyel]

Earlier this week, LL’s own Cole Bennett took to social media to share a snippet of a new video for an artist named Daniyel, an Oregon native who created a beautiful song titled “Lost Ones”, and today Cole decided to give us the final product. On this track, Daniyel created one of the most touching and tear-jerking songs that you’ve ever heard, and the visual aspect that Cole provided on top of this brought that feeling to life tenfold. Throughout the duration of the video, you will be shared in on tragic stories that several different individuals in the video have had to endure and overcome, but both Cole + Daniyel put a beautiful twist on it that makes it feel like more of a celebration of life for than anything. This is a special music video, much love to my brother Cole for making this one happen and much love to Daniyel for creating a timeless piece of music. Watch this brand new music video below and subscribe to Lyrical Lemonade’s YouTube channel if you haven’t already!