Losing Yourself – [BIGBABYGUCCI]

I know a lot of people regularly read my articles based on the love I get on social media and in my direct messages, and that means the absolute world to me. If you’re one of these people, thank you first and foremost, but also you should know that there are a few reoccurring artists and people I talk about as often as I can, and I love spreading the word about them. Two of these entities are BIGBABYGUCCI and HIVEMIND, an artist who has literally unlimited potential and a music video production company that never fails to amaze me.

Whether I’m watching Riley and Graydon constantly joke while creating other content for their channel or I’m watching their incredible music videos, I can’t get enough of the Michigan-based company, and I got super excited while watching their LA vlog because I saw them filming a video with GUCCI, so now that it’s in our hands to consume, I feel like my endorphins are peaking.

This video comes for GUCCI’s song “Losing Yourself” produced by Fish and mixed by Joe Dirt, and considering it’s full of high-energy synths and up-tempo elements, I know the HIVEMIND team was going to bring this single to new heights once they worked their magic in the music video. All of my preconceived notions were matched and even exceeded once I checked this one out, and although there is so much going on in every scene, it matches the aesthetic of the record unbelievably well.

In every single scene, there are so many colors that come through with such vibrancy, and this plays well with GUCCI’s nonchalant, laid-back, and chill demeanor. The effects and animations are top tier, which isn’t out of the ordinary for any of HIVEMIND’s flicks, and each scene comes together organically for a visual you need to see in order to truly appreciate. BIGBABYGUCCI never misses, and neither does HIVEMIND, making their latest music video for GUCCI’s song “Losing Yourself” one for the ages, so make sure you tune in as soon as you find a moment to do so.