Lose My Mind – [Odette Peters]

My recent music discovery session resulted in my introduction to the absolutely stunning voice of Odette Peters. Those unfamiliar with Odette Peters will become a fan of the London-based artist after hearing her single, “Lose My Mind.” Although she only has two songs, including a feature available right now, the singer-songwriter has already won me over and is incredibly high on my artist-to-watch list for the foreseeable future. The jazzy production of the single catches your attention immediately as the pianist dances back and forth creating whimsical bedding for Odette’s vocals to cut through and stick as she touches on the subject of ignoring the nay-sayers and prioritizing an uplifting communal atmosphere. “Lose My Mind” is incredibly catchy from start to finish, and with each listen my admiration for the song grows fonder and fonder.

Listen to “Lose My Mind” by Odette Peters below.