Look Easy – [Kaytranada] ft. [Lucky Daye]

As I’ve become more knowledgeable and have dove deeper into the world of music, my admiration for producers has increased tenfold. They’re truly the unsung heroes of most genres of music and they truly have the ability to make or break a record. If you think about many artists in this day and age, without naming any names, of course, they wouldn’t be anything without the incredible beats that form a foundation for them to rap or sing over. These instrumentals add so much personality and sonic vitality to every song which honestly makes these other artist’s jobs so much easier. I’ve mentioned before that Kaytranada is one of my favorite producers out right now, and he continues to impress me with every new release, even though he’s been quiet since last year’s incredible album Bubba came out.

I’m beyond excited to say that this silence has finally been broken with the release of his wonderful new track entitled “Look Easy” featuring Lucky Daye. I wasn’t familiar with Lucky Daye at all prior to listening to this song, but after hearing how pure and smooth his voice is, it made complete sense why Kaytra needed to get him on this record. As far as the production goes, Kaytranada includes some sporadic, high-pitched synths that mesh with the knocking, punchy drums in a perfect way. This instrumental just has an incredible upbeat tempo that truly belongs in a nightclub or at a party of some sort, because it’s impossible to listen to without at least bobbing your head if you’re not going to get up and full-on dance. Lucky’s vocals are somewhat sung, somewhat hummed, to begin with, and his ad-libs are sung a few pitches higher than his main vocals which bring out a new layer and adds depth to the already intricate offering.

As far as the first verse and main portion of the chorus are concerned, most of the background vocals are omitted and leave room for just one main layer of Lucky’s voice. Along with this, he articulates a bit more than we heard in the previous portion, allowing you to truly take in the words he’s singing and understand how deep the passion within his vocals truly goes. As the second verse starts up, the beat cuts out for a split second but Lucky insists on singing anyway, and when it comes back in a brief moment later, his vocals just ride out even more perfectly than ever before. As the song comes to a close and begins to fade out, the instrumental changes up slightly, offering some very lingering, higher-pitched synths that contribute a nice refreshing sound to help the song come to an end. Although the lyrical content isn’t typically the main focus of any Kaytranada song, Lucky sings about this chemistry he has with a girl, presumably at a club or party of some sort, as his confidence is through the roof and the connection he has with this person is so natural that it comes off as if it looks easy, as the title suggests.

Almost every single Kaytranada song is perfect for a low-key party, club, or summer hangout because they all just offer this vibe that is carefree and fun-loving. If you listen to virtually any track by him and don’t feel your mood being lifted or notice yourself wanting to dance, then you must not be playing it loud enough because I’ve never been in a bad mood while listening to Kaytranada. Lucky Daye’s vocals were absolutely flawless and added the perfect element that the beat itself wasn’t able to necessarily bring to life, so the pairing of the production with his voice had to have been an easy, effortless decision. I’m definitely hoping that with this silence-ending release for Kaytranada, he’s going to have more new music on the way, but time will tell and for now, we just have to play the waiting game. “Look Easy” is the name of Kaytranada’s amazing new song that’s definitely worth a listen or twenty, so give it a spin below and see what you think.