Lonely Suburban Blackboy – [Myles Cameron]

Making a very special return to our pages today, New York native Myles Cameron delivers his new, remarkable project titled Lonely Suburban Blackboy. This project follows the release of the three standout singles; “Picket Fences”, “Nothing Gold”, and “Yellow”. Lonely Suburban Blackboy can be simply described as a bond between his magnetic vocal deliveries and his close-to-heart songwriting.

Quoted by Myles himself, “Lonely Suburban Blackboy is a character portrait. It’s based on two major themes; blackness in white spaces and warm colors and aesthetics. The process of writing was pretty difficult honestly. I had to do a lot of digging within myself and put some of my biggest insecurities and worst memories on the page. After having gone through that whole process though, I feel more confident and secure in myself than ever before.” I was very impressed with how raw and authentic this project was, for it was refreshing to feel as though I was experiencing what Myles had felt during those times. Furthermore, Myles will be playing a show in Brooklyn, New York on May 30th that will be centered around this project so make sure you check his socials for details. All in all, be sure to stream Lonely Suburban Blackboy below and follow Myles Cameron on Instagram and Twitter!