Loes n Hies – [Amon]

San Diego native rapper Amon is on pace to release a new single every other week for the next few months and, in doing so, is proving himself to be one of the most exciting new rappers ascending. The personal declaration has resulted in an impressive showcasing of lyricism and storytelling that is expanding the burgeoning rapper’s name with each release. His latest single, “Loes n Hies,” places a magnifying glass on his technical skill in what feels like a storied delivery of what has been on his mind as of late. The newly released introspective record feels testimonial, with simple looped production creating an intimate space for Amon to air his grievances, both personal, and professional as he continues to make strides in the industry. Although the rapper has captivated listeners with more uptempo songs in the past, Amon is proving himself to be a rapper who can make an uptempo braggadocios record as well as something more personal that will have you hanging on every word.

Listen to “Loes n Hies” by Amon below.