Lock the Hood Down – [G.T.]

Many obvious names come to mind when considering who the best or most versatile artist from Detroit is, as numerous have innovated across a number of sounds and gone on to find major mainstream success, and while the subject of today’s article is certainly carving out a dedicated cult following despite not yet having an individual song cross over into the general public’s conscious. G.T. for one has been incredibly prolific over the last year or two, putting out a bulk of solo music but also blessing countless tracks as a featured artist who is able to unload his ambitious rhymes over instrumentals of any pace, but also has the vocal versatility to be able to transition between passages of rapping and melodic singing with ease, presenting a wrinkle in his music that many of his Motor City counterparts lack. His new visual for his track “Lock the Hood Down” was my favorite off of his new project Money Counter Music, Vol. 1 as he glides over a Michigan Meech produced instrumental which is driven by a fast-paced, spellbinding melody accented by frenetic drums but G.T. hops on the beat like a poised veteran point guard, not overly pressed to deliver his lyrics with excessive animation but with an elegance that matches his lyrical content. His lyrics are ambitious and lavish but not just in a braggadocios way, but rather preaching game to his audience that clearly admires his hustle.