Xodus Medici is an 19 year old rapper from New York who has been going super hard lately. With a series of hot singles and more music on the way it’s clear Xodus is an artist to keep on your radar. A couple weeks ago we were lucky enough to sit down with Xodus and ask him a few questions. Check it out:

JM: Before diving into questions, tell our readers who you are.

XM: I’m Xodus Medici, I’m from New York, I watch a lot of porn, I make shitty music, and it’s my first time in Texas and I’m excited to do this show.

JM: What’s the underground music scene like in New York?

XM: The underground scene, it sucks ass. Everybody is just like “oh we’re better than you,” this and that. Everybody just wants some fucking timbs and shit like that. It’s just so fucking lame, bro.

JM: Is there anyone you do fuck with out there?

XM: The people I go to the studio with. Not really though, I just don’t pay attention to New York rap like that.

JM: What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

XM: I don’t travel a lot, but I like Texas so far. I’m fuckin’ with it. It’s fucking hot as shit.

JM: How many pairs of timbs do you own?

XM: I own no timbs surprisingly. Wait, wait, I actually own one pair, but I can’t fit in them anymore.

JM: Who are some of your favorite producers to work with?

XM: My favorite producer to work with is NBOMe. I really like STAIN, I just dropped a song with him. I fuck with BLVC SVND a lot, he’s on the new project. Lord Fubu too. If I forgot anybody I’m sorry.

JM: Do you have any collabs on the way?

XM: See, I don’t even like really working with a lot of people, but I’m trying to get into it. Other than on the project not really.

JM: What separates you from other artists in this scene?

XM: Well I don’t front like someone I’m not, and I’m a huge fucking loser who’s just trying to get somewhere with this music shit. If you need a dork or a nerd to look up to thats me.

JM: Why did you start rapping?

XM: I started rapping because I’ve always been around music and shit like that. My dad use to be in some new jack swing band back in the day, and he use to tour with Mary J Blige. He got me into music and shit. My biggest inspiration was Pharrell, and I was like yo I could start rapping and shit. Then I just started rapping and shit.

JM: Where do you see yourself in five years?

XM: With a cool ass girlfriend, lots of money, and just like all my friends are on and everyone is prospering and happy and shit. No more depression.

JM: Final words of wisdom for our readers?

XM: Do what the fuck you wanna do. I’m here in Texas, SXSW you can do this shit. Shoutout to Jake, Shoutout to Lyrical Lemonade, shoutout everyone fuckin’ with me.