For this week’s Q&A, we’re looking to familiarize you guys with Chicago native, Matt Muse.  Matt has a sound that is unique and engaging.  A sound that needs to be heard, get in tune below with our brief interview + suggested listen below.
CB: Who is Matt Muse, introduce yourself.
MM: Yoooo I’m a Hip-Hop artist, producer, song writer, and chill dude from the South Side of Chicago. I love Hip-Hop, my city and its people and I try to put that love into all the tunes I create.
CB:  Things have just started catching fire for you, what do you think it is that got the ball rolling?
MM: Being consistent and graduating from school. I started making music while at school at NIU years ago, but only had access to a small (while still loyal) crowd up there. After graduating in May I came back to Chicago and have been pushing my music heavily ever since. The positive results are rolling in more consistently now that I’m able to be around more consistently. I also think the quality of the tunes I’ve put out this year so far have played a huge role in the ball rolling. People love the 3 singles I’ve dropped this year and I’m thankful that they’re vibing with me.
CB: Further elaborate on your road to performing at AAHH Fest! where you opened for acts such as Vic Mensa, Common, J Cole, Ice Cube & more.
MM: So basically Donda’s House and AAHH! Fest held auditions for the Saturday community show that featured local artists and performances by Chance, Vic Mensa, and Tink. After making it to the finalist audition for that show they announced that they’d be selecting one person from the audition to perform on the Sunday main stage. I made it to the final audition by performing my latest single ‘Everytime’, but decided to perform with a live band with some of my musician friends and singers from school. We ended up being the one act selected to perform on the main stage. It was truly a blessing and took hella preparation, and I’m thankful to the band for helping make this happen and the judges for rocking with the switch up we made.
CB: What are some of your inspirations and influences when it comes to your music?
MM: I’m inspired by this dope ass city I was born and raised in. I’m inspired by my personal experiences and the experiences of my peers. Every song I make is about a true experience, whether funny or serious. Kanye, Cole, Kendrick, Lil Wayne, Common, and Jay-Z are my biggest Hip-Hop influences for obvious reasons. I’m overall just inspired by dopeness.
CB: Where will Matt Muse be 5 years down the road?
MM: With the help of the listeners and supporters, I’ll be a household name touring the world with my music. I hope to be able to use music to not only entertain and motivate, but to bring a positive and lasting change to the negatives of Chicago. This music is my calling and I wont stop until the world knows it.
Suggested listen: