LL Presents: The Marcus Nogood Q&A

For this brand new edition of our Q&A segment, i spoke with another great up & comer, Marcus Nogood. Marcus has been on my radar for some time now because of his solid music, but he has been making some big moves as of late. Read the article below to learn some more about Marcus, & after listen to his music catalog here.



EM: First things first, give a brief introduction of yourself for our readers that may not be familiar with you

MN: Waddown bro. So I go by Marcus Nogood, aka Señor Nobueno, aka Mr. Check My Credintials. I’m a recording artist/rapper – song writer. I’m orginally from Hyde Park, Chicago. Right now I’m from all over the place from Lakeview – up north, all the way down to the south west suburbs. I’m heavily affliated with EMG (Enjoy Music Group), which is a music collective, marketing team, soon to be publishing company, not a rap group. It consists the likes of myself, Xpose, Wize and GOLDEN, as well as our streetwear team



EM: When was EMG created?

MN: EMG has been established since 2011. We’ve been a family for much longer. These niggas are my brothers they’re all I’ve got.

EM: When did you start making music?

MN: I started writing raps when I was in the 3rd grade, 8 years old. I recorded my first song over a wiz khalifa beat in the 8th grade, 14 years old.

EM: Who are your top five influences when it comes to rap?

MN: No order, my top 5 probably gotta be Kid Cudi, Ye, Andre 3k, Drake, and Cornrow Kenny lol. But of course I fuk wit chicago rap heavily.. Chano, joey purp, Mick, Saba, lucki, supa, ug vavy, & Warhol nice too. The list can go on for days bro, I fuk with music from the city more than anything, honestly.

EM: While we are on the subject, who are some of the younger Chicago rappers that you’ve been rocking with?

MN: I’m tryna think of what age range to really comment on but shit like I said, lucki nice, warhol, qari, smino, Brent Rambo, wiley, and outside of rap I have to mention Rayvn Lenae. She been in my playlist for a hot minute now.
EM: Okay, who are some of the older/bigger name Chicago artists you wish to work with?
MN: Well I already have Mick, Saba, and Supa checked off my list. Which is really dope. I could see me and wiley on a track, same with ug vavy. I’d love to work with Purple, Vic Mensa, Chano of course. Lol idk I feel like I’m missing some mfs. Maybe Martin $ky
EM: What are your top five favorite albums of all time, as well as your top five favorite mixtapes

MN:MOTM 1, MOTM2 both by cudi, late registration by ye, the cool by lupe fiasco, and to pimp a butterfly by kendrick. I also really want to add take care in the by drake lol just count both those cudi albums as one! For mixtapes i’d say 10day and acid rap by chano, kush & oj by wizzle. Live Love A$AP by A$AP rocky, and overly dedicated by kenny


EM: Some of my favorites on that list as well. How would you describe your music to someone who has never listened before?

MN: Man g in all honesty I’m goin thru a heavy transitional stage as an artist. All my new shit has different energy than my old shit but versatility is key for me. And I seem to definitely shine on that aspect when putting a body of work together, so far. I’m wrapping up my second mixtape and it shows a different sound/direction than my last. Let’s just say I have a little something for every listeners taste when they take time to do their homework on my music.

EM: What is your favorite song that you have created?

MN: All my favorite shit isnt even out yet but probably ‘GONE’ or ‘PayDay’ off of Dream Beyond Fame

EM: What is one wild fact about you that people don’t know?

MN: It ain’t that wild but I’ve turned down a record deal or two. Lol mfs can’t get to me, not yet 😂
EM: What was the first piece of music you ever purchased?
MN: Had to be Late registration by ye. Which was rare for me, I came up back when limewire was poppin heavy, buying music was damn near out of the ordinary
EM: RIP Limewire one time for the culture. What are your thoughts on Donald Trump?
MN: Shit I’m Voting for Hilary
EM: The National Anthem or the International Players Anthem?
MN: Lmaooo, International.. I apologize if this message gets you down 🙁
EM: What can our readers expect from Marcus Nogood for the rest of 2016?
MN: Trouble.. Coming REAL soon

EM: Last question, where do you see yourself in five years?

MN: In 5 years I’ll see manifestation in my hard work. I’ll see a lot more respect in this industry than what I get now, and I’ll see all my people being supported the same way they supported me when I didn’t have shit.