Lil Xan has been rapping for less than a year, and has already been taking the game by storm. The young rapper has caught the attention of tons of people with his unique sound, style, and image. I was lucky enough to meet up with Lil Xan a couple weeks ago down in Austin and ask him a few questions. Learn all about the young star below!

JM: Before diving into questions, tell our readers who you are.

LX: What’s up, Lil Xan here. I’m super nice and peaceful, and people think I’m ignorant but I’m not really ignorant. I promise.

JM: Where are you from?

LX: I’m from Inland Empire, California. More specifically Redlands, California.

JM: What’s the music scene like over there?

LX: There is no fucking scene, everybody hates on everybody. It’s hard to make it out there; it fucking sucks.

JM: Why did you choose to go with the name Lil Xan?

LX: Last year in Austin, Texas I was with my homie and we were in the liquor store and he was like, “bruh, imma call you Lil Xan,” because I was fucking around with the nickname ‘Baby Niquil’ and that shit was hard, but he said he was gonna call me Lil Xan because I was hella off the bars.

JM: What’re the meanings behind your face tats?

LX: Candy, because that’s my moms name. The Z’s because I was faded and I thought that was cool, and the low for obviously Low Gang.

JM: What did your mom think about it?

LX: Aw they loved them. I have super supportive parents and they fuck with them.

JM: Are you still on Xanax?

LX: I’m not off the xans no more, that shit is bad.

JM: When did you first start rapping?

LX: About 11 months ago, it’s about to be a year.

JM: Who inspired your sound the most?

LX: Carti, Carti, Carti.

JM: What has been your favorite SXSW memory?

LX: Everybody getting their ass beat, everywhere we go someone is getting their ass beat and it’s really funny.

JM: What’s your relationship with Robesman and No Jumper?

LX: Robesman is my Uncle/Dad. They’re just super cool people that got hip and started fucking with me and they’re really cool nice people. Robesman and I decided to do the Robesman Xan collab and that went pretty well. Adam, I don’t know Adam very well, but he’s definitely the homie.

JM: Where do you see yourself in five years?

LX: In a G Wagon, exiting the G Wagon into my other G Wagon.

JM: Final words of wisdom for our readers?

LX: Ummm.. don’t do xanax.