LL Presents: The IDK Q&A

IDK is one of the best lyrical emcees in the game but that’s no secret, so when he recently was in Chicago on his tour with A$AP Ferg a few weeks back it was only right to bring him by the Lyrical Lemonade office for the latest edition of our Q&A series. You will find him speaking about a ton of interesting subjects such as his recent XXL Freestyle, his tour that he is currently on, his relationship with A$AP Ferg, his influences and so much more! Take a few minutes of your time to learn a thing or two about IDK below and while you’re at it be sure to listen to his latest release! Although we did this Q&A about a month ago I wanted to wait for the release of our brand new website to bless our readers with it, take a few minutes to learn a thing or two about Jay IDK below!

EM: You are touring with A$AP Ferg, what is your relationship like with him?

IDK: A$AP Ferg is like my big bro, he definitely got people hip to a lot of shit that is going on in the industry. He teaches the artists how to maneuver and deal with success, he gives me tips on how to maintain it.

EM: You’re from PG County Maryland, is there any upcoming artists out there that you listen to?

IDK: There’s a dude named Black Fortune that I’m fucking with, Q The Fool, Rico Nasty. There’s a ton of other people bubbling in the DMV that people don’t know about yet but they’re coming.

EM: You recently released a single titled “Star” where you paid homage to Curren$y & Lil Wayne. How did they influence you growing up?

IDK:  Wayne was probably the first rapper that I used to pay attention to growing up, I remember watching all of the videos for Cash Money Millionaires & all them. I used to watch MTV and I just couldn’t wait until their videos came on.

EM: Who are some of your other big influences musically?

IDK: Kanye, Eminem, 50 Cent, Lauryn Hill, Gucci

EM: If you could collab with one person dead or alive who would it be?

IDK: Frank Ocean, Tyler The Creator, & Gorillaz too

EM: Do you remember the first album you purchased?

IDK: The first album that I ever owned was Jackson Five 20th anniversary, and then the first rap album was Get Rich Or Die Tryin by 50. 

EM: How did your partnership with Adult Swim come about?

IDK: I was looking at the fact that people weren’t listening to albums like that & they were on singles, so I had an idea about releases my songs like episodes but I wanted it to have a TV concept. I hollered at Jason DeMarco and told him my idea to make it happen and he loved it so we went from there.

EM:  What’s it like collaborating with Yung Gleesh? You noted him as a crucial figure in your writing process for IWASVERYBAD – what role did Gleesh play during the creation of the album?

IDK: Gleesh collaborating with him is like family, we from the same area generally. When I was in LA and it was like getting your cousin to come home and visit you, we got in the studio and came together perfectly. He was probably one of the people I wanted to work with the most out of the DMV at that time specifically, It was important to have an element from home and he played the perfect character it felt like one of my homies from back home. 

EM: What was it like working with Chief Keef?

IDK: When I first started rapping he had his booking info in his bio so I saved it, I would send mass messages of my music on my phone and one day his booking replied back to me. His uncle Zoe fucked with my music (years ago), so when I had “17 Wit A 38” I knew that Keef would be the perfect person for this, we tried to link in the studio but unfortunately it fell through because of legal issues. It took a while to get the verse back because he didn’t like the original, and then boom the shit happened & he sent it to me ten minutes before the announcement that he was on it. 

EM: You recently dropped “Trippie Redd’s Freestyle”, can you speak on what motivated you to make that record. 

IDK: When I heard that Trippie wasn’t doing the freestyle I was like “Alright I’ll do my own freestyle” and let people know that one I deserve to be on there, two, I’m cool with not being on there and three, they fucked up. I just wanted to use that opportunity to show people that I didn’t get the 10th spot so I decided imma take it.

EM: You have a ton of freestyles online, is freestyling something you take pride in? 

IDK: At the end of the day I’m a rapper, I’m working on my hooks, I’m trying to make more dope shit. Sometimes I’ll drop simple bars like on songs like “Star”,  I don’t always have to be on some deep shit but at the same time I will never give up that element of being a rapper because that’s how I came in the game you feel me.

EM: What else can our readers expect from you for the rest of the year?

IDK: You can expect my debut album that I am working on to drop in 2019, I have been doing a bunch of collabs that I am working on right now too.