Jake Millan
Jake Millan
17 Jun 2018

GlokkNine is a rising star coming out of Orlando, Florida with an unstoppable work ethic and hard hitting tracks. The 17-year-old rapper has been taking the internet, more specifically YouTube, by storm the past few months as he’s consistently dropped videos racking up millions of plays. GlokkNine blessed his fans in April with the release of his project, “Bloodshells Revenge,” that features hit songs like, “Crayola,” “10 Percent,” “I Don’t Need No Help,” “Kill Kill,” and many more. Check out our Q&A with GlokkNine below:


JM: Before diving into questions tell our readers who you are.

GN: This Glokk9. Mr.BuckDaJack take yo muhfuckin sack. We on allat.

JM: How did you get the name GlokkNine?

GN: I was called 9 cause of other various reasons, but naw though my bousin gave me the glokk part cause glokks don’t jam. You know the double K for KillKill, shit that’s all you can do with a glokk.

JM: How did growing up in Florida influence your music?

GN: I wouldn’t say it influenced me, but shit I’m just tryna make a way off a path that ain’t there. You feel me? Shit, I grew up breaking into houses, stealing cars, allat. I teach you how to do allat.

JM: How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it?

GN: I’ll describe it as real shit cause it don’t get no better than me teaching you how to spin blocks, run down on a nigga, and I’m talm bout that struggle shit at the same time. So you got no choice if you in the streets other than to relate.

JM: What makes you different from other artists coming up right now?

GN: I’ll say I’m different cause imma give a different flow/different illusion every song. If you can point me out 3 songs that sound the same I’ll make a whole album bout them, real shit.

JM: What was the first moment you had where you realized you could make it in music?

GN: I really, to be honest, on my dead Grandaddy, knew when I was in jail. But I ain’t look at it that way, still don’t. I gotta paper I wrote my Momma from jail saying when I get out imma blow in music, but ion get bigheaded that’s how shit tumble.

JM: How does it feel having labels reaching out? Do you want to sign or stay independent?

GN: It feel damn good. It lemme know I’m doing something right at least. I’ll sign, but the check gotta be right, and I gotta feel yo vibe type shit. I kan’t just shake some and we don’t communicate or none like that.

JM: Can we expect any big features in the near future?

GN: Yeah matter fact expect big features, cause they on the way real soon. Got some with Almighty Jay, OMB Peezy, maybe Smokepurpp. 

JM: Do you have any dream collabs?

GN: I wouldn’t say it’s a dream, but I’d work with Kevin Gates, NBA YoungBoy, Kodak.

JM: What do you have planned for the rest of 2018?

GN: I wanna drop another project, but imma just hit em with like 4 more videos then drop my project. On the new project a lot more melodies, a lot more emotion. Matter fact it’s called “Loyalty Kill Love.”

JM: Where do yourself 5 years from now?

GN: I see me living good with all my niggas, take them boys with me, have my Mama out the hood. I wanna travel, explore Dubai and LA. I see a bright future though. Just doin my thang.

JM: Any final words for wisdom for our readers?

GN: Do yo thang. Don’t stop shit you wanna pursue. I ain’t even been outta jail 6 months and shit shakin for me. Real shit though: never give up.