Danny Wolf is without a doubt one of the hottest young producers coming up right now. At only 21 years old he has produced some of the rap games biggest tracks in the past few years. With credits like ILOVEMAKONNEN, Ugly God, Migos, Lil Yachty, A$AP Ferg, and many many others it’s clear that Danny Wolf has been killing it. We we’re lucky enough to chop it up with the Hoodrich producer and ask him a few questions. Check out our Danny Wolf Q&A below!


JM: Before diving into questions tell our readers who you are.

DW: I’m Danny Wolf, and I’m from Mexico City. I don’t know man, I just like to make the slaps! I like to get fucked up and make fye classics.

JM: When did you first start producing?

DW: Shittt, honestly I was just messing around at first sophomore year (I’m class of 2014) and took it serious junior year. I’m 21 now so I don’t know, a good while.

JM: Who inspired you to start making music?

DW: Honestly hella people, but mainly Waka Flocka. I like how lit his shit was and I wanted to make that same type of energy.

JM: What was the first song you ever produced?

DW: First song I produced was “J-Money” by Hoodrich Pablo on his first album “Designer Drugz.” I was a savage 17 year old intern just tryna get people on my beats, and we just met at a studio and we been rockin’ ever since!

JM: When did you realize you could really make it as a producer?

DW: I always have! I didn’t even take the SATs. I told my teacher I was gonna be a music producer and sat down and didn’t get up with everyone else to take them. I just always been on some other shit, so I guess at that moment.

JM: What’s your favorite song you’ve produced?

DW: “We Don’t Luv Em” for Hoodrich Pablo. I don’t know bruh, I feel like that shit is so jiggy. All the hoes love it, so I love it.

JM: Who are some new artists we can expect to hear on your beats?

DW: Ugly God, Steven Cannon, Warhol.SS, Lil Xan, Lil Pump, Lil Skies, Hoodrich Pablo, 6 dogs, Yung Bans, Pollari. Soooo many bro, I really be on top of my shit. I make sure all my homies have at least a hit from me if not hella.

JM: What do you have planned for 2018?

DW: I plan on dropping my debut production album featuring all the fyest upcoming artists out right now, a few legends on there for sure too. One legend that’s gonna catch everyone off guard, and I’m flooding mad music all 2018. All singles too ya digg, no fufu shit.

JM: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

DW: Dumb rich, I’m gonna be like the IronMan of the rap game, hella Grammys, world record for most Grammys. I don’t know, I really like to win and do whatever I can to win so just #1 really. I been plotting this shit out since high school and everything’s going like I planned.

JM: Any final words of wisdom for our readers?

DW: Keep God first! And I normally like to yell “I’m fucking unstoppable” randomly throughout the day. I’m really great at speaking my future into existence.