As the second installment of our new question & answer segment, I had to meet up with one of my personal favorite upcoming Chicago emcees, Adot, for a in depth Q&A. If you’re unfamiliar with him, take a few minutes of your time to read up on him below then check out his excellent music catalog here.


EM: Before we start the interview, give our readers that may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself.

AD: Yo, I’m Adot, I’m an aspiring artist from the city of Chicago born and raised here. I started rapping around 2-3 years ago and haven’t stopped since. Some of you may know me for a few of my most popular tracks, GOON, CIRCLES, and REFLECTION.

EM: Those tracks definitely are what grabbed my ear to begin with. So how did you come up with the name Adot?

AD: It’s a funny ass reason actually, I literally got it from Xbox. All my friends needed a nickname for me because we played Gears of War 3 all this time so they just started calling me Adot and I just used it as my rap name since then.

EM: That’s hilarious! Okay so we’re getting a little off topic, but if you happened to be stuck in a room for a month & you could only play three xbox games, which ones are you going with?

AD: Definitely would go with Gears of War 3 off back, NBA 2k16 or 17 not sure if I’m able to say 17 yet, and lastly Destiny because that game is mad addictive.

EM: Great choices, you don’t want these problems in 2k though. Anyway, back to the music questions. What is your favorite song that you have created so far?

AD: I’m the 2k G.O.A.T. this is facts. Damn that’s a hard one, it might be Lonely with 2times and Freako right now or Circles 2 I think I like both equally.

EM: Both solid records, my favorite so far was probably Paradise. Speaking of Freako though, explain your relationship with him.

AD: Thanks man I appreciate that, Freako is like my brother seriously, I met him through somebody else and heard his music because he mentioned me on Twitter with one of his songs. I told him I didn’t like it at first but once we linked I started to fuck with bro heavy because he was a genuinely cool person. Freako helped me out when I was broke as fuck and depressed for like an entire summer by keeping me in the studio and mentally helping me stay positive both him and my other bro Kushworthy. I deadass think Freako is one of the best rappers in Chicago honestly might be one of the best nationwide too because his bars are lethal. Me and Freako are going to take off that’s all I can say because it’s like brotherly competition minus the competition part, we just wanna keep doing better than what we’ve been doing and in turn its makes us put out quality.

EM: That’s a great story, I’m sure you guys will get where you want to be. Other then Freako, who are some of the younger Chicago artists that you’ve been rocking with?

AD: Most definitely will be, and it’s wayyyy too many to name but off the top everyone that’s still in Ace League are my brothers too they all make great music. Vee miyagi, Isaiah G, Human, Mikey Hash, ASA, Jackson, Bigbodyfiji, Warholss, Nina tech goes crazy, Roo$ki, and KP, deadass I fuck with anyone who makes music and takes it serious. I can’t name them all but shout out to them for doing their thing.

EM: Some talented names in that list, hopefully we can hear you collab with all of them. So you’re from Chicago, how much has the city influenced you?

AD: Yeah that would be pretty tight, besides slang and how I move with other people I don’t really feel like I’ve been influenced much by Chicago, due to the fact that I feel like I don’t get much love here anyway. I pay more attention to other places when it comes to influence. I really fuck with NYC mostly though just the whole vibe and culture there concerning fashion and arts is just really tight to me. PLUS SUPREME YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS.

EM: True you do go brazy with the supreme. So who are your top five favorite rappers ever?

AD: Supreme is more than just clothes to me haha, but my top 5 is

2. Sean Price
3. Zeroh
4. Earl Sweatshirt (can’t even flex)
5. Adot (because I’m only getting started with the heat)
EM: How about your top five favorite projects ever?

AD: WOLF, Doris, Madvillainy, Cilvia Demo, Alternative Trap, Channel Orange, House of Balloons, Echoes of Silence, Salad Days, Bastard, 6 feet beneath the moon, MM FOOD. Honestly it’s also a ton of projects/albums I still love.

EM: Cilvia demo changed my life haha, Channel Orange & WOLF are some of my favorites as well. What can our readers expect from Adot for the rest of 2016?

AD: WOLF live was amazing, this year though I’m actually dropping an EP and a lot of new music that’s all I can promise as well as performing out of state with tons of videos.

EM: Last question, where do you see yourself in five years?

AD: Everywhere, no doubt about that at all.