Live2: Making a Sensation

It is very safe to say that the way in which music is being consumed has drastically changed during the year of 2020. With live shows being shutdown and in person meetings severely halted, the majority of us music lovers have had to rely on the internet now more than ever. The time where you could stumble upon the next big thing during an opening set at a concert is no more, which has caused the whole entire industry to drastically shift in a new direction. During a time like quarantine, when everyone is physically disconnected, artists, managers, A&R’s and tastemakers have never been closer. Through platforms like Tik-Tok, the music industry has been able to stay tapped in with emerging talent in a way that doesn’t require them to leave their house.

Because of this newfound connectivity, a certain group of Southern California creatives have decided to figure out how much influence an app like Tik-Tok really can have. Created by McClain Portis, Live2 has existed to use social media in order to tell the stories of unknown artists in hopes of jumpstarting their career with real and authentic fans. The first step was a playlist called Art Not Algorithms which is housed on Spotify. After some time, the playlist has now garnered over 127,000 followers making it the go to place for artists who want their music to be heard by an extensive audience.

Seeing the immediate impact This idea eventually led McClain to creating the “Making a Sensation” series which focused on a very talented USC student named Chase Paves. They started to create videos on Tik-Tok and from there, they blew up which resulted in Chase garnering a genuine fanbase and overemphasizing the emphasis of Live2 presence in the artist discovery/support world. I was able to grab a quote from McClain about “Making A Sensation” and he explained,

“So many people today use social media to get famous. Live2 wondered can this fame be created through hard work or is it just luck? “Making a Sensation” is a docuseries called in which Live2 films the process of taking a talented college student who has never released music and turning him into a global superstar (all without spending a dime on marketing). So far, the process has included getting into some of LA’s biggest TikTok houses, partnering with an NBA player, tricking the internet, and much more. No one has ever gotten a first-hand look at all the steps necessary to create fame, and Live2 is documenting every obstacle and success involved in the process.”

With such a thought out and intentional plan behind Live2, it was inevitable that this efforts paid off. With the artist, Chase Paves, they essentially took him from being unknown to now having 60,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify; A feat that is not only rare, but extremely difficult to achieve to  say the least. The whole entire Live2C brand is made up of a hardworking and dedicated team that will stop at nothing to make sure that the right eyes are seeing the talent that matters; not just the talent that is backed by label heads. What they’re doing is truly a blessing to the music industry and it will ultimately result in a new way of doing music discovery and artist development.

If you want an inside look at all that Live2 has done already, I’ve attached the latest music video by Chase Paves down below! Give this one a watch and trust in the magic that Live2 is cooking up!