Live From The Lac-[JAMS The Flava Child]

After a successful run of singles spread all throughout the year, Chicago’s own JAMS The Flava Child is feeling charged up and ready to take the rest of the year by storm. Taking the last year to rejuvenate and rebrand, JAMS has been in the lab cooking up dopeness and building a new sound for the fans to be blessed with. One thing about JAMS is that he is one laid-back dude. Super chill, yet knows how to turn a party up. That alone is a perfect summary of what his brand new tape is about. Living that luxury life, kickin’ back, smoking, and overall just vibing through life. At last, here is JAMS’ new project, Live From The Lac.

Crowning himself “The smoothest out the Midwest”, JAMS takes that to the heart and knows for a fact that his music must reflect that at all costs. With the “Lac” in the title being shortened from Cadillac, JAMS has grown an immense love for classic cars and old schools. That being said, he aspired to make a tape to reflect that vibe and that setting. The music that you can cruise to in an old school, or those late-night trips in Chicago with the windows rolled down. JAMS sets the vibe in many ways with his laid-back flows and classic production, handled by many producers such as Polyester, Big Jerm, and Billy Hoyle.

Not letting off the gas at all, JAMS also just premiered his follow-up visual to the second single on the project, “40k A Month”, which derives from his aspirations for making a lot of money. “This year I need half a mil’, that’s 40k a month” he raps, letting it be known that his grind won’t stop until he reaches that goal. Another standout record on the tape would be “The Drake” featuring Jay Lifted, which is another nod to his luxurious lifestyle of fancy hotel accommodations.

With the summer approaching its ending weeks, JAMS is right on time to deliver one of the best Chicago tapes to release this summer, and best believe this will be the soundtrack for many people’s lives; not only for 2022 but for years to come.

Check out JAMS The Flava Child’s Live From The Lac tape below!