As of late, Kenny Beats has hosted one of my favorite mini-series in “The Cave” on YouTube. This bi-weekly (or what’s supposed to be bi-weekly) series hosts popular artists in Kenny’s studio in which he – and in some cases like this one –  and a guest producer collaborate to concoct  some outstanding instrumentals for the artist to spit to.

In this episode, Lil Yachty makes an appearance with a large Entourage, and originally seems very stingy and picky about the beat that’s in the works. He tells 30 (30 Roc) straight up that he wasn’t messing with it after an hour or so of work had already been put into creating it. Kenny and 30 then start over, creating a wavy, more simplistic beat for Yachty to go crazy on. Yachty approves, and after a few hours of work and shenanigans, he hops in the booth. He continues to claim “I’m not a rapper,” though the ATL product went on to kill the beat. With lines like, “I’m the lil wizard, my neck and my wrist and my ear in a blizzard,” Yachty turned this session into one of my favorite episodes of Kenny Beats’ mini-series.

Watch “KENNY BEATS & LIL YACHTY FREESTYLE | The Cave: Episode 9” below!