Lil Hudak- Everyday

Colin Hudak, also known as Lil Hudak, is an aspiring 19-year-old artist from Cleveland, Ohio. Growing up, he often dreamt about having a successful music career. His journey began as a producer for two years in his hometown. After some time, his peers pursued him to create music, and he’s been on a journey ever since. The melodic artist has developed a smooth voice that captures his audience’s ears and catchy lyrics. His latest single “Everyday” advises his fans on moving on from a toxic situation to a positive one.

“The song is meaningful to me and shows me moving on from a toxic relationship, and moving on to better things in life.” He explained.

For the remainder of the year, Lil Hudak is gearing up to release a new EP and new videos.

“This year you should expect a music video for “Everyday” featuring Lil Shock. I plan to drop another single or two with more melodic lyrics and vibes and release my very own EP with around 6-8 songs total I plan to keep uploading and promoting content on TikTok and Instagram,” He explained. “Hopefully, I will also be creating a music video for my other single with 350,000 streams featuring KillBunk. I’m going to reach all my goals and dreams this year.”

Everyday is now available on all streaming platforms.