Lil Bibby: Blueprint by Complex

One of Chicago’s most prominent names in hip-hop, Lil Bibby, was highlighted by Complex’s series titled Blueprint on October 27. 

Blueprint and its production crew has done a fantastic job in profiling multiple characters within the hip-hop industry, and provides detailed information and interviews to see just exactly how some of the industry’s most popular names got to their level of stardom.

Bibby starts with his childhood, explaining his home life and upbringing on the east side of Chicago. He transfers the narrative into what got him into hip-hop, which he attributes to the early 2010s drill scene and artists like Keef, Reese and Durk, whose success he felt he could match. He attributed his musical success to his genuineness and ear for music, which he then transferred into his life beyond making music and into the world of managing it.

Bibby explains he has always known music and what garners attention, and he wanted to put that skillful ear to use in a larger focus in starting his label Grade A Productions. Signing artists like Juice WRLD and the Kid LaRoi, Bibby wants to continue to find artists that appeal to people across cultural borders and press further to find his business the next superstars of the industry.

The journalistic style of the interview is flawless, and truly gets the viewer of the video intrigued and drawn in for its entirety. They allow Bibby to story tell, and the openness of the conversation allows for the audience to get a first-look, unfiltered look into a Chicago mogul and how he reached his exceptional success. Included are also clips from old visuals that bring black a flooding of nostalgia, especially to those like myself who grew up watching the Chicago drill scene. 

Watch Complex’s series Blueprint with Lil Bibby on YouTube below!