Lifted – [Marco Pave]

Marco Pave is more than just a rapper, he prides himself on being more than just that. Using the power of Hip Hop to tell stories and inspire others, Pave recently hosted Bay Area Rookie of The Year, LaRussell at Georgetown University in Washington, DC for an intimate conversation about the current climate of the music industry. Being someone who loves to inspire others and be as relatable as can be through music, Marco thrives in this regard and this is where he shines the most. However, hi is still an amazing rapper at heart, and his latest single, “Lifted”, proves just that.

Produced by Mante Carlo, Marco Pave lets his introspective bars rip as he speaks on his journey coming from nothing to something. While this is something that we have all become accustomed to in modern-day rap, it is always interesting to see and hear this perspective from other walks of life, and how it may compare to one another. “Lifted” tells that story for him, and amazingly paints a perfect picture doing so.

Speaking on the creation of “Lifted”, Marco Pave says:

“I originally made “Lifted” as a reflection on my life. At 19 or 20, I had my forklift license because that was the best job you could have at the warehouse I was working at, and I was still broke and depressed because that’s not what I wanted for myself. It’s a song of remembrance, of the hard times but also a song of endearment to keep rising up from wherever you started.”

Tap into the latest single by Marco Pave below!