Lee Mcintosh
Lee Mcintosh
10 Jan 2020

One thing that is always amazing about the internet–specifically music culture on the internet, is that it never sleeps. There are people who sit and watch artist each and every move. Even every little detail about how they maneuver on social media can allude to and have fans think new music is coming. If there are any artists in the game right now who are usually much more conspicuous than most, it would be Future and Drake. Fans noticed the two starting to hang out more often–coupled with a few cryptic instagram posts about the possibility of a sequel to the Drake & Future tape What a Time to Be Alive. Months ago, they were spotted filming a music video in a fast food restaurant and fans still couldn’t figure them out. Recently, they were spotted with matching owl and eagle chains–two symbolizations of the OVO/Freebandz collaboration they formed–which fans then confirmed that there had to be a project coming very soon. Here we are only days into the new year, and Future surprised the rap game with a new single titled “Life Is Good” featuring Drake.

The title of the song seems to reflect on exactly how things have been going for Future and Drake at this point in their lives. Despite Future’s name being dragged on social media for his run-ins with women, and Drake admitting his loss to his feud with Pusha T, the two still are in amazing spirits and reflect on all the great things going on in their lives. Produced by Oz & D. Hill, this single gives off the impression and continuation of the vibe that these two set back in 2015 on their collaboration tape. The first half of the song is handled by Drake, while Future comes in and cleans up the second half–catching the alley pop thrown to him by Drake.

The visuals show Future alongside Drake working at various jobs that may not seem as desirable to rappers of their caliber. Working as garbage men, working in a “fake” Apple Store, mechanics, fast-food workers and many more–all while rapping about how great life is going for them. “I got red bottoms on–life is good” Future says during a skit in the video right before the beat switches up as he gets into his usual trap flow.

It’s safe to say that we are definitely getting What a Time 2 Be Alive very soon with this new single, amazingly directed video and all. Seeing as we are only in January, these two are ready to shake the game up very early on and make an album that will last for months to come.

Watch the visual below and stream Future’s new single here!

Directed by: Director X