LFC – [K. Charles]

If I’m being completely honest, not every single song I write about is something I’ll actually go on and continue listening to regularly. There’s just not enough time in the day for that, and even though I am often transparent and say what I will or won’t continue listening to, I still have a hard time with certain artists who make a track I love but then go on to underwhelm me with other releases. This isn’t applicable to all artists, though, and sometimes it just takes something really attention-grabbing to make me realize how much I’ve been sleeping. This is the case for Miami phenom K. Charles, a rising emcee that I’ve had on my radar for quite a while now, but really needed something even more special to finally open my eyes to his true potential.

That’s where his brand-new project LFC comes into play because it really made me sit back and realize just how much of an actual artist this hitmaker truly is. With. 16 songs spanning almost 40 minutes long, K. Charles brings the heat during every single second of the effort’s runtime, and he wasn’t playing whatsoever. With the exclusion of any feature or guest verse, this one is K’s runway, and he wasn’t about to let anyone even attempt to steal his thunder, but I know that they would have failed even if they tried.

Some standouts for me personally were songs like “AOL”, “TOMAGACHI”, “GEEKED”, “DON’T PLAY”, and “I’M ON TV”, and while I don’t think any record on the project is a letdown even slightly, these songs were all hits in their own right. I say this because they all show us a different version of K, from loud and hyper to reflective and moving, and these different characteristics are demonstrated all over the tracklist of this tape. The first half is definitely a lot more upbeat and electrifying, but he seizes the opportunity to further diversify his sonic abilities, and I think that’s exactly what I needed to hear in order to go from someone who is familiar with the Miami talent to someone who is an undeniable fan of the next big star.

LFC stands for Live From the Crowd, and after setting numerous Rolling Loud stages on fire with his lively performances, I think the project truly embodies this acronym more than I could’ve ever anticipated. K. Charles really turned me into a massive fan of his with LFC, so you can definitely bet that I will be keeping a close eye on him as he continues to grow his fanbase, release fantastic records, and ultimately make moves that are more and more noteworthy as time goes on!