Through his discography thus far, Curtis Roach has introduced listeners to his brand of bright, upbeat hip-hop with influences from jazz, funk, and footwork music. This week, Roach honed this sound into his most concentrated project yet, titled ‘Lellow’.

The new EP shows growth for the Detroit artist as he carves out a sonic niche that’s full of bouncy summertime beats and lively raps. While his buoyant persona could draw comparisons to artists like Aminé or KYLE, Roach sets himself apart with effortlessly executed melodies and an ability to blend multiple styles into his own. Whether he’s drawing inspiration from Detroit’s historic jit sound and movement on “WJIT” or declaring his arrival on the motivational opening track “You Got It”, Roach navigates different styles without losing his own.

Curtis Roach’s joy feels contagious, and it’s this exact care-free attitude that inspired the EP. A reference to the solar plexus chakra (associated with the color yellow), ‘Lellow’ embodies unbounded energy and playfulness. “It reminds me of when I was a kid and used to say Yellow like Lellow,” Roach explains. “It’s that pure freeing feeling you had as a kid when you put your hand out the window riding in the backseat and watching your hand fly in the wind.” On this project, Roach focusses his energy toward motivating himself and gasses a listener up in the process.