The story of Jarad Higgins, also known as Juice WRLD, will be one that is told in movies, documentaries, books, classrooms, etc for generations to come. It’s almost unbelievable when you think about all that Juice was able to accomplish in his lifetime, but especially in the less than two years that he took the music world by storm, seriously just take a second to think about this. A young teenager who was freshly graduated from Homewood Flossmoor High School created some music in his bedroom that would not only change his own life, not only impact the lives of his family + friends, but he created music that would help millions upon millions of people all over the globe, music that is timeless + that will live forever. The title of this new album “Legends Never Die” is ever so fitting, because it explains the situation perfectly. Juice WRLD worked extremely hard to become the monumental artist that he became, and although he is no longer here with us in the physical, his energy will never die, he will live forever through the art that he created. Juice WRLD is the most special artist that I have ever witnessed in my lifetime, and I am confident that I will never see an artist be able to do the things that he did in the short amount of time that he did it in, but I am just glad that I was on this planet at this time to see him achieve everything that he did. Posthumous albums can be tricky + hard to put together, but Juice’s camp did a phenomenal job here with everything from the cover art to the sequence of the album, to the songs themselves. Thank you for honoring Juice’s legacy the way that it deserved to be, all of his fans appreciate it. Stream this new album below.

Rest in Peace Juice WRLD