Left Lonely – [Hotboii]

It should be no secret to fans who read my articles that I have an affinity for Florida Hip-Hop music. Through many different artists, we’re given tales from the streets in a variety of different forms, some being about more violent threats while others detail hardships and struggles that come along with the street life. Hotboii, one of my personal favorites, has been using his platform ad an emotional outlet, mentioning themes like the things he had to do to survive, his time in jail, and other gracious appreciations thanks to the life he’s now able to live with his success in the music world.

Following last month’s Lil Baby-assisted remix to his hit song “Don’t Need Time”, he’s back with another incredible offering, this time in the form of a song called “Left Lonely” and a music video that couples with it. The beat begins with a Flamenco-inspired melody that gets your hips moving as your brain’s gears begin to spin prior to feel-good guitars entering into the picture that is elevated by crisp percussion and concise drums. As he begins to recite the chorus, he spreads his words out slightly while boasting his unique sing-song style. After a few lines, he truly plays with his tone of voice, raising and lowering his delivery in a manner that perfectly matches the overall vibe of the instrumental.

He remains consistent with his cadence as he gets into his first verse, meshing the two portions with one another and never skipping a beat. The production gets overtaken by some sort of filter during this part of the song for a few bars, and when it comes back in, in full effect, Hotboii switches his flow once again, additionally showing off the versatile skill set that he has constantly expanded throughout his career. What’s even more incredible and something I often forget is the fact that he’s only 19 years old, so the time he has to continuously break through barriers and expand his arsenal is still very abundant. He shows off even more flows in the second bar, never really going off the rails too far but still bouncing along to the beat without a care in the world.

As for the video, the scene opens up in the kitchen of some restaurant after hours as Hotboii and his crew tie up a hostage to try and find the loot that I’m assuming these rivals have hidden. After scanning the area for the cash, Hotboii, who is an obvious identity even with the mask due to his trademark antennae-like hairstyle, finds the stash and takes all the money. Before making a getaway, one of the members of the rapper’s crew takes the hostage’s life and the song starts up, leading us into a much more fun, lighthearted setting. Here, Hotboii shows up to some palm-tree-surrounded cabana where he orders a drink and starts talking to some of the lovely ladies that are present at the bar. As he raps and the women dance behind him, there’s a gentleman who stands in his rearview and glares at him, possibly insinuating that he’s part of the newly deceased hostage’s group, and he wasn’t pleased with the outcome of their heist, understandably.

Before the scenery changes once again, the artist is sitting on a stage reciting his lyrics as a band plays behind him while a very theatrical, fancily dressed woman dances along as well. Eventually, the day grows old and Hotboii shows up to a dimly lit restaurant to meet with a group to make a transaction, possibly related to drugs. His friend places a duffle bag presumably filled with the cash they stole earlier on the table, and after the other party checks it out, the deal seems to be completed. After this, everyone seems to start having a good time as he sits back, kicks his feet up on the table, and smokes a blunt like a Cuban cigar. That’s at least how it seems until one of the emcee’s guys takes the dealer by his suit jacket and walks him outside, leaving Hotboii to chop it up with the lovely lady sitting at the table. Finally, the video comes to a close after the song culminates, showing some of Hotboii’s friends looting their victims, taking their jewelry and shoes prior to fleeing the scene once and for all.

Hotboii continues to impress me with all of his new music, and I highly doubt that I’m the only one. Kut da Fan On was the release that truly put me onto him and it’s a project I continuously return to, but his more recent singles have also been impeccably entertaining. The music video that comes along with this brand-new song does a great job setting a perfect scene for the already Hispanic-inspired song, and the storyline that we’re given is honestly a very enthralling plot, in my opinion. He catches a lot of flak and even some hate for his wild hairstyle, but I think that this is unique to him and helps his image stand out even more than some of his Florida counterparts, and if people could just get past this and listen to the music, they’ll know exactly what they’re missing out on. Because, what they’re missing out on is one of the most appealing young artists in the game right now, and he’s definitely someone to put on your radar if he isn’t already on your playlist. “Left Lonely” is the title of Hotboii’s most recent track, and it’s definitely a vibe, to say the least, so make sure you check it out as soon as you get the chance.