LL intern
LL intern
10 Feb 2020

When most people think of Chief Keef, they remember that he’s one of the pioneers of drill music, how he created a completely new mindset as to how people approach music videos, and maybe most importantly, he paved a way for an entirely new generation of artists. With his work ethic that is second to none, he has consistently dropped multiple projects every year for more than half a decade, so when I heard that he had time in his busy schedule to sit in front of the computer and create his own production for his latest track, I had to tune in.

“Lamb Pass By” is an off the wall experience and it all begins with Sosa’s impressive production. There are some soulful humming and vocal chops, a smooth bassline, irregular trap snares, and suave 808s that come together for an impressively intricate beat. When it comes to his hooks and verses, the song becomes a bit less impressive, but it still managed to draw me in. His delivery is chopped up and spoken quickly but with a calm demeanor, and he also seems to annunciate more than pretty much all of his other music so you can hear every single word that is being spoken. The lyricism isn’t very significant if I’m being honest, but there are a few comical lines that were cleverly constructed in order to keep fans pleased. He also ends the track by continuing to flow while the beat begins to fade out which was a nice touch in my opinion.

This latest single is rumored to be off of his highly anticipated Almighty So 2 project which I’m sure we’ll receive at some point in the foreseeable future. I’m not sure how much more production we can expect to hear from the Chicago legend, but he really showed out with a catchy instrumental on this hit. It also spanned just over four minutes which is a bit lengthier than other songs we’re used to hearing from Keef, so that might be a trend he’ll continue with in the future. Chief Keef put together a smooth new track with “Lamb Pass By”, so it’s definitely worth checking out below!

Words by Danny Adams