Seamus Fay
Seamus Fay
17 Oct 2019

In the age of the internet and therefore, the age of accessibility, there exists far greater opportunities for new artists to get started on their own. DIY scenes are more alive now than ever before, and with a simple wifi connection and a laptop, there are kids churning out hit songs all over the world, no different than you or I. Every once in a while, in light of a time where creative horsepower truly resides in the hands of the people, I’ll stumble upon an artist who has taken this idea of DIY to new heights. Such is the case with King Acne, exemplified by his latest release, “LA Party.”

The first thing you should know about King Acne is that he does everything on his own, with nothing but a small group of friends helping out. Considering that his visuals, and creative direction overall, are often better executed than that of artists with million-dollar budgets, this may seem unlikely, but I can assure you that the King himself is entirely self-sufficient. The already-high bar that he’s set throughout his output thus far simply keeps getting higher, and now with “LA Party” to add to the collection, it’s clear that King Acne is just warming up.

With this release, in particular, Acne translates the alleviating energy of an “LA Party” into a piece of music just as identifiable for East Coast fans as it is for those on the West Coast. Fit for a function of any kind, the budding talent’s silky vocals ride right along the sun-tinted groove of the instrumental, and the result is release that never feels forced. Rather, “LA Party” moves to the beat of its own drum, weaving a sense of effortlessness into its party-driven nature.

Fittingly so, the accompanying visuals track just this. Beginning with a scene of Acne and some friends smoking in the car, followed by shots of the party itself, “LA Party” watches the masked creative belt out the soundtrack for the occasion, complete with photographic cuts and cinematic visual direction throughout. By all counts, this release is proof why King Acne is doing it better than anyone with a budget right now, and for that, he deserves some appreciation.

Watch “LA Party” below and stream the song here!

Produced by Noize
Directed by King Acne® and Checks Cleared.