NIKI is without a doubt one of my personal favorite new artists out right now. The Indonesian singer/songwriter is one of 88 Rising’s most promising musicians right now, and her recent appearances on the collective’s compilation album only serve to illustrate that point further.

Last week, she decided to release acoustic versions of all of her tracks from ‘Head In The Clouds 2’. There are certain instances when a stripped-down, live version of a record rivals or even surpasses the original, and NIKI’s acoustic take on the track “La La Lost You” just may be one of these instances. She’s not new to delivering stellar live renditions of her songs, and this one hits especially hard thanks to her crystal clear vocal quality. It almost feels like she’s performing right in your living room—singing with this careful balance of vulnerability and power that breathes new life into her meticulously written lyrics.

Watch NIKI’s performance below, and check out her other acoustic sessions here.