Kush through the Sunroof – [Curren$y]

Living rap legend Curren$y returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a jazzy new single entitled “Kush through the Sunroof” off his upcoming Collection Agency tape. The seasoned Jet Life rapper is a prime example of an artist that knows his roots, having referenced his love for Mary jane in a countless number of songs/projects. This particular track is no different, as Spitta once more successfully monetizes his interests of Kush and cars for a certified signature banger. Blended with rapid 808s, the production is met with a jazzy piano melody and a somber undertone. Accompanied by a Yuset Pozo visual, the video captures Curren$y’s composed aura, to which he’s developed a notable reputation for in the music industry. Despite his nonchalant attitude, no one’s ever been mistaken by the amount of groundwork the New Orleans bred rapper has put in to solidify his name. Check out “Kush through the Sunroof” below!